Seekanapalli Organics Camphor Kapur Green Tea 1000 gram

Enjoy the Organic Kapur Green Tea Green tea. The antioxidant properties present in the leaves keep health problems at bay, reduce stress, weight, enhance metabolism besides bringing you a host of other health benefits. Ingredients: Kapur Leaves, Lemongrass Leaves, Stevia Leaves, Tej Patta & Green Tea Directions: Directions for Use: Add One Tea spoon (3 gms ) of Green tea to 150 ml, of boiled water and strains. Drink Hot
  • Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids that not only boost immunity but also protect us against cough and flu.
  • It aids in maintaining a healthy heart.
  • Regular consumption of green tea also helps in lowering cholesterol level.
  • It facilitates weight-loss and promoted digestion.
  • Green tea consumption has also known to facilitate healthy hair and clear skin.
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November 06, 2014
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