Seekanapalli Organics Harad/Haritaki Indian walnut Powder 200 gram


Harad or hartaki is an Ayurvedic herb known to have a number of health benefits. Harad helps balance all your doshas, clean out your stomach and improve digestion. Ayurvedic texts state that this herb also helps improve assimilation of the nutrients that you eat, making you healthy. This herb helps get rid of ama (the sticky waste-product of digestion) from your bowels, detoxifies your body (especially your stomach), thereby aiding in weight loss. Health Benefits of Harad: It maintains any vitiation in the tridosa (vata, pitta and kapha).; It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.; Stimulates the health of nervous system; It is extremely beneficial for eyes.; Harad has anti-helmintic, aphrodisiac and antipyretic properties.; It stimulates the function of liver and enhances the digestive system. A study published in the journal Chemico-Biological Interactions found that it has a compound called gallic acid that helps reduce your HDL and LDL cholesterol levels and increases plasma insulin in your blood. How to Use Harad: Take about three to six grams of harad powder and boil it in water. You can buy this powder at any Ayurvedic store. Once the water comes to a rolling boil, decant the solution. Add one teaspoon of honey to the mix. Have this mixture every morning, preferably on an empty stomach.

  • The Antioxidant & Carminative Properties Of Haritaki Powder – Terminalia Chebula May Support The Healthy Digestion.
  • Haritaki Churna Is Considered As A Time-Tested Remedy For All Digestion Related Issues.
  • The Colon Cleansing Properties Of Haritaki Churn May Remove Toxins From Your Body To Offer Cleansing Effects.
  • The Rejuvenating Properties Of Haritaki Powder May Nourish And Rejuvenate The Tissues.
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