Seekanapalli Organics Peepal Leaves 500 gram


Seekanapalli Organics Peepal is a storehouse of medicinal value and is used to treat many ailments and diseases, ranging from asthma and skin diseases, to kidney and various blood-related problems

  • Peepal leaves help treat skin problems: It is not surprising that the herbal remedy such as peepal leaves is used in the treatment of the skin. Many people believe that it can cure skin disease effectively. It is possible, because according to scientists, it has healing and anti-irritation properties, as well as health benefits of salicylic acid herbicide to relieve itchy skin.
  • Peepal leaves Fights off free radicals: Another Health Befefits of Peepal leaves for health. Yes, it has been shown that consuming peepal tea can counteract free radicals caused by pollution, dust, etc. It has strong antioxidant and petrochemical properties to support it.
  • Peepal leaves boosts immunity system: One of the benefits of Peepal leaves for health increases the health benefits of red ginseng tea immunity. Therefore, you are immune to the virus and diseases.
  • Peepal leaves For bleeding diarrhea: Take soft strains of peepal, coriander seeds, crystal sugar in equal amounts and mix well and take it 3-4 grams twice a day and this is very useful in this disease.
  • Peepal leaves For Stomach Discomfort: Make 2.5-leaf paste of a peppermint plant and mix with 50 grams of jaggery and make small tablets of the mixture and take it 3-4 times a day. It will calm your stomach pain.
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